Unisound - Universal Sound Treiber

Diskussion über alte Soundkarten, MIDI-Geräte und Soundzubehör.
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Unisound - Universal Sound Treiber

Beitrag von matze79 »

Bei Vogons hat ein User dieses Tool vorgestellt.

Damit kann man viele Soundkarten mit einen einzigen Utility zu initialisieren.
Es spart also beim testen oft die lästige Treibersuche.


UNISOUND is a Freeware DOS-only tool useful to configure and initialize ISA PnP sound cards from serveral brands and models, like ESS, Creative, ALS, CMI, ADI, Yamaha, Diamond tech, Aztech, OPTi, Crystal, community-made ones like Orpheus, AWE64 Legacy... (And also some non-PnP cards, like early SB16 software configurable models which required DIAGNOSE.EXE, are supported and a few others). Works on all x86 CPUs (8088/8086/286/386... and higher). Check the TXT included in the ZIP file for full details. To get command line help, use: UNISOUND /H

It is not only an ISA PnP sound card configuration tool, it's more like a driver. To initialize some cards properly, the PnP part is not enough, as a lot of them need further initialization sequences that in most cases are bad documented or no documented at all, or are obscure. This tool tries to be (almost) all-in-one solution, trying to do a full card initialization, and set some mixer values, in only ~50Kb. (Some cards as AWE cards, GUS PnP, or Maxi sound 64+SAM, CS4232... require special inits or firmware uploading. That is covered in the tool).

This tool has taken a lot of time, researching over technical documentation of the card's/chip's manufacturers, reverse engeneering, and having some headaches, too.

I wrote a complete TXT (it is included in the ZIP file I attached at the end of the post) to explain it (background, usage, supported cards in this version, special notes, tested systems, version history...).

This tool is FREEWARE! You can use an distribute it freely. If you paid for it you have been scammed!

Die Aktuelle Version ist 0.80A.

(47.69 KiB) 1418-mal heruntergeladen

Und die ältere Version 0.65B.

Mit der neuesten Version hat meine AD1816 Karte sich nicht initialisieren lassen.
Mit dieser funktioniert es fehlerfrei.
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